Never again is now!

Anti-Semitism is not an opinion

We launched the website to send a global message from Germany against anti-Semitism, against the justification of violence and in favour of humanity.

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Taking a stand - online and offline


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Post a photo of yourself in front of the poster and tag it with @never_again_is_now_world to show your support for humanity.


It doesn't matter whether you are Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, Daoist or not religious at all.
The only important thing is that you want to take a stand against anti-Semitism. Because anti-Semitism affects us all and cannot be justified by any religion.

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Who we are

Who we are

The conceptual artist Jan Kuck (Berlin / Munich) and his gallery owner Isabel Bernheimer with her artist agency Bernheimer Contemporary (Berlin / Munich) are the initiators of

During his history studies at university, Jan Kuck dealt intensively with anti-Semitism and its causes and effects and took part in several exhibitions on this topic. With his art, he wants to hold up a mirror to society without excluding himself from it and encourage critical and responsible thinking. Since 2012, he has taken part in over 80 exhibitions worldwide. He himself is non-denominational.

Isabel Bernheimer is the fifth generation of a renowned Jewish art dealer family. As her family was able to flee to Venezuela during the Nazi regime at the end of the 1930s and returned to Munich after the Second World War, she has a South American background as well as a Bavarian one. She can look back on an international career in major museums and galleries and has run the Berlin-based artist agency Bernheimer Contemporary since 2014. Isabel Bernheimer is Catholic by birth.

Our statement

It seems that it is now socially tolerated and accepted to speak out against Jews. Above all, Israel's current policy is equated with Judaism and this is used to justify the demand for the destruction of Israel and a worldwide fight against the Jews. But what kind of dangerous and misguided idea is this development based on? After all, anti-Semitism is ultimately nothing more than a particularly stupid form of racism based on the crudest conspiracy theories.

But didn't we always speak out loud, why didn't our parents and grandparents do anything about it back then? Why did so many people do nothing about it? Were they all conscious perpetrators or did they "just" let it happen and went along with it? Did they do it out of fear? Or out of cowardice?

Being able to feel fear is important. Because fear makes us more cautious and more attentive. At least if the reason for the fear can be specified. However, if it is an unreflected fear of fear, the cause of which we do not observe, then fear quickly turns into cowardice. Above all, cowardice only reinforces fear and triggers a spiral of paranoia. And it is precisely this paranoia that we are unfortunately seeing again all over the world.

But we cannot allow history to repeat itself! This past may never again become our future!

Not only because of our historical responsibility, but above all for contemporary reasons of humanity. Anti-Semitism offends not only people of the Jewish faith. Anti-Semitism insults every human being and their intelligence.
That's why we should...
...and thus protect the dignity of people, no matter what religion they belong to!

Who inspires us & who we support.

never again

1. SEGRETE Tracce di Memoria - Alleanza di artisti in memoria della Shoah (Secret Traces of Memory - Alliance of Artists in Memory of the Shoah)

The exhibition, conceived and curated by Virginia Monteverde with the aim of commemorating the Shoah, has been held every year since 2011 in the old prison cells of the Torre Grimaldina of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. The old cells house site-specific installations by international artists that create an exhibition with a strong emotional impact. In addition to the exhibition, events, meetings, conferences and performances also take place here. For each exhibition, Virginia Monteverde invites German and Italian artists to engage with and commemorate the Shoah through works of art based on their history. The exhibition series is unique in its kind and is under threat from the new right-wing nationalist government in Italy. In January 2018, Jan Kuck showed his neon installation NEVER AGAIN here for the first time.

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2. TAMAD e.V. "On the path of art to understanding and peace"

We expressly support the "The Art Road to Peace" programme of TAMAD e.V. (Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Germany e.V.), as it breaks down real resistance and builds a bridge to a common future: With great personal commitment, TAMAD e.V. brings Jewish and Arab children and young people together in art workshops, making an immeasurably valuable contribution to a future based on understanding, respect and togetherness. The board members Hélène and Samy Gleitman and all the members of TAMAD e.V. are doing a fantastic job, which in the visual arts is almost on a par with Daniel Barenboim's West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in music.

Translated quote from Hélène Gleitman:
"Despite the war, life in Israel must and will go on. And so will our work here in Germany. Looking to the future, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art plans to have a lasting and far-reaching impact on cultural understanding and co-operation between Arab and Jewish communities. Our initiatives are designed to leave a lasting impression and create lasting connections that go beyond the immediate experience. By empowering the next generation of children, educators and cultural practitioners, we aim to create an impact that extends beyond the boundaries of the museum. We are actively working to cross those boundaries and create a broader impact that resonates throughout the community."

Visit Tamad e.V.

We would like to thank the following for their support and inspirational conversations:

Barbara and Konrad O. Bernheimer and
the Bernheimer family
Dr. Daniel Bürkner
Michael Dzeba
Devon Espejo
Julia Finkeissen
Patricia Forster
Hélène and Samy Gleitman
Barbara Görner
Steven Guttmann
Funda Karaca
Robert Kastowsky
Dr. Charlotte Knobloch
Theresia, Dieter and Barbara Kuck
Susanne A. Kudielka
Sergey Lagodinsky
Elke Leubner-Salzgeber
Constantin Mascher
Wenzel Michalski
Tanja Mohr
Virginia Monteverde
Marcus Pauli
Tim Straeter
Birgit Ströbel
Antonia von Reden
Dagmar von Renner
Falk von Schönfeld
Ulrike Voss

… and many many more all over the world!